Planning and Design



At Master Liturgical Design, we work with the client to come up with a design that respects their vision of the final work, incorporating any pieces of historical information that need to be be considered. These could be an old photograph of the original sanctuary, or a sample of an original frieze design hidden behind newer wainscoting.

If desired, we can incorporate existing design elements in the church so that the final result is completely harmonized. For example, at St. John’s Catholic Church in Worcester, MA, we worked with a faded photograph from 1911 to design the architectural detail, but also used the existing carvings of the acanthus flower on the pulpit to created the wall stencil, the trompe l’oeil coffered arches and the designs filling the negative spaces on the front wall. At St. Agnes Church in Lake Placid, NY, the local Adirondack Mountains were placed in the landscape mural and a special cross featuring the maple leaf was requested for the wall stencil below the mural.

Multiple mockups addressing design and color are presented until an overall plan is agreed upon. In some cases, this might involve a making a model of the corresponding part of the church to help convey what the finished effect would be.

Our goal is to listen to our clients’ needs and to create a complete and harmonious design that respects those needs, giving them a beautiful space for worship.