About Us

Master Liturgical Design is dedicated to providing the highest quality craftsmanship for any project and customizing every detail of the design to serve the unique needs of each church. Each of its members is highly educated with a strong background in fine art and strives to create a beautiful, harmonized space that will a source of inspiration for who attend.


Geoffrey A. Kostecki

Geoff Kostecki is the owner and founder of Master Liturgical Design and has worked as a restorationist for over fifteen years. He has a MFA in Fine Art from Art Institute of Boston and bachelor’s degrees in Graphic Design and Anthropology. He has also studied art restoration at the University Lorenzo d’Medici in Florence, Italy.

His fine art can be viewed at www.geoffkostecki.com


Art Institute of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts 2003-2005
MFA Fine Art/Visual Art

Art Institute of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts 1997-1999
BA Fine Art/Graphic Design

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado 1987-1991
BS Fine Art/Anthropology


University Lorenzo D’Medici
Florence, Italy 1999
Oil Painting/Renaissance History

Apprenticeship with Robert Bock
Woodbury, Connecticut 1994-1997
Master Tromp L-oeil painter

Mural Painting Teacher
Art Institute of Boston
Summer 2002

Lorna B. Hanes

Lorna Hanes has been a professor of Mathematics at Western New England University for twenty years. She has Ph D in Mathematics and bachelor degrees in Mathematics and International Relations. Lorna has studied fine art and restoration with Geoff Kostecki since 2006, and has worked with him since 2008.  She is an oil painter with a special interest in portraiture.

Her work can be viewed at www.lornahanes.wordpress.com


Worked for Master Liturgical Design and Master Murals with Geoff Kostecki 2008 to present
Professor of Mathematics
Western New England University
Springfield, Massachusetts
1994 to present

Doctorate of Mathematics
University of Oregon 1994
Eugene, Oregon
Research area: Harmonic Analysis

BS Mathematics
BA International Relations
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington 1987


Kristin L. Bock

Kristin Bock has taught literature, writing, and business communication for over twenty years at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA. She has an MFA in Poetry and a bachelor degree in English Literature. Kristin studied fine art under her father, trompe l’oiel master, Robert Bock from an early age, and fine art and restoration with Geoff Kostecki since 1998. She is a prize-winning published poet.


Worked for Master Liturgical Design and Master Murals with Geoff Kostecki 1998 to present
Professor of Business Communication
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, Massachusetts
1993 to present

Master of Fine Arts: Poetry
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 1998

BA English Literature
Southern CT State University
New Haven, CT 1992