Decorative Painting

Trompe l'oeil and frieze design



Ceiling with Trompe and faux

St. Mary's Stencilwork

St Paul's Station 4

There are many decorative painting techniques that can be used to enhance a space. Trompe l’oeil can be used to create the appearance of architectural details, like moldings, bas-relief, columns, niches and coffered effects on a flat surface. Faux finish techniques can add richness and complexity to a surface. Marbleizing can give the illusion of any type of marble, stone and even wood. Glazing imparts a sense of depth by adding the patina of age to the surface. Lettering in any font and size can be applied. Finally, designs can be created to fit any shaped space, including the negative spaces created by architectural elements.

left niche from above

St Paul's trompe l'oeil and stencil